Go Hard: A Bad Boy Sports Romance(10)

By: B. B. Hamel

He picked us up a few minutes later. She wasn’t talking, and I wasn’t going to force her to talk. I was too fucking angry and amped up to really have a conversation anyway.

I was used to that sort of thing from college. I’d had plenty of guys step up to me and want to fuck with me just because I was good at football. I’d even had people take pictures of me.

But this had been different. It had felt like the whole club knew who I was and was staring at me. Maybe that was part of being a professional athlete, but I wasn’t letting it stop me from fucking up an asshole when he got out of line.

It just wasn’t in my personality to back down. I’d protect my girl no matter what. Even if she didn’t think she needed protecting, I’d still protect her.

We pulled up to her apartment and sat there for a second in silence.

“Look, I know you meant well.”

“Nobody talks to you that way,” I said simply.

“Thanks,” she said. “See you tomorrow.”

Without another word, she climbed out of the car and went inside.

I sighed, leaning back in the seat. I knocked on the divider once she was inside, and the driver headed out.

As we went back to my place, I still couldn’t get her out of my head. I had thought taking her out would get it out of my system, but it had only made me want her more. That dancing, that fight, it all got to me.

She was something special. I wanted more of her, and I was going to get it.



I was exhausted the next morning as I got to the office bright and early. I had beat most of the staff in and had a few minutes to myself, sipping crappy coffee and staring at my computer.

Last night had been a huge mistake. I didn’t know if anyone had gotten a picture of me with him, but I knew it was bad.

That guy had been scaring me, though. He’d been aggressive, and he had said some things that Owen had missed. I’d been afraid of him, but I’d also been furious that he’d come at me like that.

When Owen stepped in, at first I was excited. I couldn’t help myself. Owen was primal, intense, and powerful. He took care of that asshole like it was absolutely nothing, and I’d felt a thrill run down my spine. Owen had been defending me, and there was something animalistic and powerful about seeing that.

But I didn’t need defending, especially not by Owen. I wasn’t his to defend, and besides, he was a public figure. Now there might be pictures of the two of us together, and if the director saw them, I might lose my job.

I nervously clicked through the gossip websites as my coworkers slowly filtered in, but I didn’t find anything. There was no mention of an incident at the club anywhere, and no pictures had surfaced yet.

It had happened fast. One second Owen was drinking his drink, and the next that asshole was on the ground. Owen had moved fast, all power and intensity. Nobody had had time to get their phones out until the guy was already on the ground and Owen was dragging me away.

I glanced at the clock and stood up, sighing. I needed to meet Owen in the exercise room for his pre-workout stretch. I quickly headed down the hall and went to the first floor.

He was already there, waiting. He grinned at me as I came in.

“Missed you last night when I got home,” he said. “My bed felt empty.”

“Get used to it,” I said. “On your back.”

“Right here?” He smirked at me. “Someone could walk in.”

“Owen, come on, we don’t have much time.”

He lay down for me and I started in on his right leg.

“I like you better in that dress you wore last night,” he said.

I didn’t answer, just kept stretching and working his knee.

“And the way you danced? I can only imagine how you’d slide along my thick, hard cock.”

“Owen!” I said, surprised.

“That’s exactly what you’ll say.”

“Please.” I could feel myself blushing. “Can we just get through this?”

“Why? I’m having too much fun. Now I have you thinking about what it would be like to ride my cock. You’d twist your hips as you took me just like you did last night.”

I bit my lip but didn’t answer. I switched to his other leg. “I checked the blogs,” I said. “No mention of what happened.”

“That’s good.”

“It’s lucky, is what it is. Owen, you can get us both in serious trouble.”

He laughed. “So what? Maybe I like getting in trouble.”

“Well I don’t. I need this job. You’re important to me.”

“You’re important to me, too.”

“Not in the same way.”

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