Gage:A Bad Boy Military Romance(121)

By: Cordelia Blanc

Kyla pushed herself off of my cock and rolled onto her back. She spread her thick, beautiful legs wide. “Hold them,” she said. I did.

It was the same exact position I’d fucked her in five years before. Judging by the sly smile on her face, she knew it too. “Fuck me,” she said. So I did. I watched her eyes slowly roll into the back of her head. I felt the warm juice swell up in her pussy, ready to gush as soon as I pulled out.

Fuck Nintipi and fuck all the other girls. Kyla was all I ever wanted and there wasn’t any sweeter pussy out there. There was something else about her, too. Something I couldn’t quite place. She made me feel warm, safe. My whole life, I felt like I didn’t belong anywhere. I didn’t feel that way with Kyla. It was the strangest feeling.

Shit, I guess I loved her.


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