Enforcer:A Bad Boy Romance(2)

By: Olivia Jones

“How's my favorite motherfucker doing?” a loud Irish accent asked.

I turned my head to the side to see the younger O'Malley brother, Liam. He was already bald but it didn't phase him. He would have shaved his head anyways. Five gold rings sat on each finger of his right hand. You never wanted to take a right hook to the face from Liam unless you wanted imprints of all five rings in your flesh.

“I'm one step closer to finding the guy who stole the drug shipment.” I took a swig from the bottle and let it slowly drain down my throat.

Liam slapped me on the back and took a seat next to me. “What did our little rat cough up this time?”

“Paulie didn't have a name for me but knows a drug addict who was talking about the heist.”

Harry put an empty glass in front of Liam and filled it with whiskey. Liam downed it all in one gulp. “You do whatever it takes, Locke. I want my drugs back and I wanted this mess cleanly thrown away.”

“Don't worry about it, boss. I got it under control.” I was confident I'd have this all cleaned up by tomorrow.

Liam held my face in his palms and kissed me on the mouth. Some sort of Irish thing but I'd gotten used to it. “Don't let us down,” he told me. Liam left and the stench of cigarettes still lingered in the air.

Liam was the entire reason I was in this business to begin with. After my mom passed away, my father didn't want the burden of raising me so he sent me off to a boarding school when I was ten. I was a scrawny kid with no meat on the bones. The other kids used to call me noodle boy and beat the shit out of me. I used to walk around the halls with black eyes and bruises. The headmaster never even gave me a second look.

That all changed when I met Liam and his brother Connor. For some reason they took me under their wing and taught me how to stand up for myself. They probably felt sorry for me. I learned how to not only throw a punch but how to take one. Soon enough the O'Malley brothers and I were running the boarding house. A boy couldn't even go to the bathroom without our permission.

Those were the best times. When we felt like kings of the world. Like nothing could stop us. Then we were put out in the real world and had to fend for ourselves. We had to beg, borrow, and steal but the O'Malleys finally built themselves an empire with me at their side. But the bigger the empire grew, the more problems we had to deal with. More people wanted a piece of our pie and it took all we had to protect it.

This latest with the drug shipment stolen was just another in a string of thefts. If what Paulie said was true, then the O'Malleys were taken by a common drug dealer. If word got out, every Dick and Jane would try to steal from us. I had to finish this.

I took one more drag on the whiskey bottle and filled up my flask. I had a long day ahead of me and only booze would get me through it. I winked at Harry and left him a tip.

The building on Luther Ave had been abandoned for some time. All the windows had been broken or shot out. Vines were creeping up the sides, making it more like an urban jungle. It used to be the shining center of what was supposed to be the new business district in the city. But the group ran out of money and the building and the district were never finished.

I entered the tower through the opening at the bottom where two large doors used to be. Bums littered the giant lobby that would have been magnificent if it was ever completed. I carefully stepped over each one until I got to the elevators. I pressed the button and cursed aloud when I realized that the elevators weren't operational. I opened the door to the stairway and started my way up.

Twenty flights of stairs later and my legs and feet were burning in hot lava. Sweat poured down my face and dripped onto the floor. Drinking all that whiskey was probably a poor choice. This chick better know some info.

I walked into the hallway and peeked my head in the open doors. The place was exactly what you would expect of a drug den. Stained mattresses lay in every room and that was the only furniture. The place reeked of piss and shit probably because the toilets didn't work. Most of the addicts I passed by were all men, gazing up at the ceiling with a band tied around their arm.

I came to a room at the end of the hallway with a woman laying down on a mattress. She was a little younger than me with jet black hair. Her jeans and t-shirt were all ripped apart. I could see what Paulie meant when he said she could be a hot piece of ass if it wasn't for all the drugs. She would have definitely been one of those sluts I'd take home and fill with every drop of my seed. But not this shell of a human being in front of me.


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