Enforcer:A Bad Boy Romance(10)

By: Olivia Jones

I slipped out of my sweat-stained clothes and tossed them on top of the trash in the wastebasket. I'd never wear those again. I inspected my body in the mirror and was shocked. My figure wasn't too bad. I had lost a bunch of weight but it was in all the right places. My breasts looked even bigger now and you could see the beginnings of my collarbone.

I turned on the shower and waited until it was scalding hot. It was going to take a lot of cleaning to get all this dirt and grime off. The steam filled the bathroom as I stepped under the water. I couldn't even remember the last time I actually bathed myself. The warm water hit my head and cascaded down, instantly relaxing me. The water at the bottom of the tub turned a light brown from all the dirt.

I don't even know how long I stayed under that hot water, trying to forget all the wrong choices I'd made. My parents probably believed I was dead. The tears came back again in full force. I dropped to my knees and cried my heart out until there was nothing left. It was all my fault. I couldn't blame Sarah or the drugs. It was all my choice. Now I needed to make up for all the bad I'd done.

Putting on makeup was a surreal experience. I couldn't believe that I used to do it everyday of my life no matter what. It seemed like such a far off dream. I darkened my eyes and traced my lips with the light red lipstick. I didn't even recognize myself in the mirror. Old Alice was standing before me. Could I really become her again?

Chapter Five


I could hear the shower running from the kitchen and knew that Alice was going to be all right. She'd been through so much but she was strong. Stronger than any woman I'd ever met. The thought crossed my mind of sneaking into the shower with her, slamming her against the glass and taking her rough. My hard cock in my pants agreed with me. She wouldn't be able to resist me.

The eggs in the pan sizzled, distracting me from my fantasy. They were just beginning to brown as I used a spatula to move them around. I hoped she liked her eggs scrambled because that was the only way I knew how to cook them.

My phone buzzed in my pocket.

Liam again.

I was running out of excuses. I'd have to settle this with him today. I answered the phone while still tending the eggs.

“This isn't like you, Locke. I've been waiting for an update and I get nothing.”

“Sir, I'm working on it as we speak. I visited the dealer's house and he had already skipped town. I'm working with the junkie right now to find out where he's headed.”

Liam inhaled sharply. “No you're done, Locke. I want the junkie brought to me. Connor and I will deal with this now.”

Fuck. Shit. Fuck. There's no way I could take Alice to the O'Malley's. When they found out the junkie was a woman, they'd have their couple rounds with her before torturing her to death for information she didn't have. But I had to go along with it. For now.

“Of course, boss. I'll bring the junkie over as soon as I can.”

“Don't fuck this up, Locke.” The line went dead and I shoved my phone in my pocket. I had about twenty-four hours before the O'Malley brothers would send their goons after me. I had twenty-four hours to skip town and never look back.

Why the fuck was I risking so much for a chick I didn't even know? This wasn't like me. Not at all. I used sluts and tossed them away after I was done with them. I didn't save girls. I was no hero.

“Everything okay?” a soft voice asked behind me.

I turned around to see a girl I barely recognized. She barely resembled the drug addict I pulled from that shithole apartment. Her long jet black hair was brushed and hung behind her shoulders. The makeup I bought changed her appearance entirely. She no longer had sunken eyes but beautiful brown globes. Alice was dressed in new jeans and a black blouse with a low-hanging neck. The desire to tear off all those clothes and fuck her in the kitchen was overwhelming. My eyes found her cleavage and I lost my grip on the spatula and dropped it into the eggs.

“Shit!” I pulled the spatula out and burned the back of my finger on the pan. “Fuck,” I yelled, sucking on my burnt flesh.

Alice laughed and took control of the spatula. “You wouldn't be able to tell but I used to make a mean omelet.” She folded the eggs over.

I ran my finger under cold water until the pain subsided. “You look really nice,” I choked out, checking out her ass in those tight jeans. Compliments? Now I knew I had become bat-shit crazy.

“Thank you for the clothes. And for everything you've done for me.”

“I didn't do it for you. I needed information and the only way was to sober you up.” I knew it wasn't true the moment it came out of my mouth and she knew it too.

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