Dirty Daddy:A Secret Baby Bad Boy Romance(9)

By: Alexis Angel

Magnus's eyes capture mine, and he raises his hand, waving those fingers at me slowly. Then, he slaps it down, closing the space between us and smacking my pussy. My clit twitches. The wet sound in the air is so taboo, I almost taste it. Daddies give spankings...and my stepdaddy is spanking my pussy. He does it again and my thighs give out and slam together in reaction, for just a second. I pull them back apart quickly but it's already too late.

"Tsk, tsk," Magnus says. The wicked grin spreading across his gorgeous face tells me that he doesn't mind that I've disobeyed. At least, he's not disappointed. He's delighted.

I watch him twist his hand around so fast, his two middle fingers sinking into my pussy.

Instinctually I clench my pussy walls around his fingers. A low groan builds in my throat and escapes my lips to be transfigured into a yelp.

His other hand comes down and spanks my clit.

Magnus stuffs his fingers in my pussy and smacks my clit, doing both so fast that the sensory overload threatens to make me cum right now. I'm close, but even with this speed and this sensation, the orgasm is just out of reach.

Which is good, because he told me that I wasn't to cum yet. That I wouldn't for a while. And I really, really want to discover what Magnus has in store for me. Even though I want to be good now, and take my bad girl punishment, I'm struggling. I reach my hands out and grip his legs underneath me, trying to breathe.

"No one's ever showed you what a bad girl gets, have they?" Magnus asks with a dark laugh that draws me in. Oh god, yes, I want him to show me everything and more. No matter how conflicted I feel about anything, sign me the fuck up for anything that involves how wet my pussy is right now.

Seriously, it's as if someone turned on the horny faucet down there and I'm gushing with how much I need him. If the pre-cum is like this, what will the cum be like when I finally get to orgasm? I'll need to hit my water bottle extra tomorrow.

"You can't hold on tight enough for how hard I'm going to fuck you," Magnus growls, and he slides two more of his fingers into my pussy and pumps even harder and faster into me. The hand smacking my clit comes down and applies pressure to it and my stomach.

Oh God, how am I supposed to keep from cumming when he's pressing buttons that I didn't even know I had?

My pussy is clamping down on his fingers. I'm trying hard to breathe. I'm digging my fingers into his pants so hard. It's taking so much of my strength not to cum that I'm sweating. I feel my whole body dusted with a sheen of the sweat it takes to keep from cumming when your stepfather decides that if you're going to tease him, he's going to tease you.

"Daddy, please," I whimper out. "I can't hold back much longer, you're..." I can't finish that sentence because as soon as the words start, his fingers end.

The pleasure that brought me so close to the edge? It crashes around me. He lifts me up with one hand and tears his trousers to release his cock with the other. I gasp as I watch his cock spring free, his shaft so long that feel my insides clench as I imagine it sliding inside of me. Is it even possible? I’ve never seen a cock as a big as this, for God’s sake! Believe me when I say it: he’s gotta be at least twelve inches long.

With his fingers curled tight around his cock, he pulls the head down to stroke through my pussy folds, just a few maddening seconds, and then Magnus presses the head to my pussy opening.

Magnus slams me down on his cock all the way. It's like something out a movie where they drop a rock and it keeps falling down the hole, they don't know how long it goes on? I thought I knew how long my pussy went, but after how deep his massive cock gets inside of me, when he's fully inside of me I scream. I scream so loud, the sound bunching up in my throat and strangling its way out. I feel my pussy stretching with all the monster cock he's impaled me with; he's split me in half.

Magnus grabs my wrists and holds them behind my back, making my breasts arch out in front of him. "You like Daddy's cock deep inside of you?" he growls.

He doesn't wait for me to answer.

As if I could! He holds onto my arms and Magnus pumps me up and down on him, hard. He fucks into me so deep and so hard I'm drowning in my own moans. There's a piercing pressure in my stomach, a heat boiling inside me now. No cock has ever felt so good. My eyes are rolling back in their orbits and I'm shaking on him. My pussy walls are tight around him and squeezing him. My body is burning with lust, with need, with the fury building inside of me.

Daddy knows goddamn best. No man has fucked me like this. I feel like my pussy was made to take his cock. No way that any other cock could fill me up so perfectly and make my body come undone like this. My breathing is staccato bursts of moans and sighs. Little whimpers.

I'm literally fucked out of my mind. Magnus slams me down unrelentingly and builds up the pressure within my body and I don't shoot back to reality until I feel my orgasm right on the edge of exploding through me.

"Daddy, please," I whimper out. I'm desperate to cum. I'm so close. But I need to be good.

I remember begging is what got me his cock in the first place. I'm so confused, do I beg for more or stop?

"Oh, you want me to let you cum, baby girl? Pretty Penny, should I let you cum on my cock?" Magnus asks.

I can tell that there's more to this question than I know, but I'd sell my soul to cum right now. So I might as well! "Yes, please, please Daddy," I beg. I've got no shame right now. I can't think about anything except how much I need to cum, and for some reason I don't fathom why I need his permission. Like, I know we are playing a game, but it feels so serious. I want to follow this rabbit hole wherever it leads.

"You may cum all over this cock, princess, and then you're gonna lick it off while I cum in your mouth. But I'm going to fuck you a lot more before that happens. You prepare that cream for your dessert, Penny," Magnus says, and he brings his lips to my throat. He closes around my neck, kissing at first and then releasing my arms to bring his hands to my breasts. Magnus squeezes them hard and that rough touch sets off the trigger. I feel the orgasm building within me finally crest over the edge. I'm cumming. I'm cumming more than I ever have in my life, with such intensity that it actually makes my head hurt a little. The pressure within me is so intense I cry out.

Magnus sinks his teeth into my neck, drawing one hand up to hold the nape of my neck and slam me down on his cock. I'm still cumming, the aftershocks of his tongue riding me through every wave of ecstasy. The delicious agony of bouncing up and down on his cock is almost too much to bear.

Magnus pulls up my legs as he releases my neck and draws my legs up closer to my chest and then puts them up on his shoulders.

I'm not getting fucked at this point. Seriously, this is something from beyond. Because his cock is fucking me and doing it so deep inside me, at such an angle that it’s perilous to my sanity. I mean I don't even feel like I'm connected to my mind right now. I shit you not, he is fucking the life out of me and I'm reaching some heaven on earth where I'm nothing but my body, and I'm bigger than my being. The angle his cock fucks into me is sweeter than any chocolate has ever been. His cock is more dizzying than any red wine or even hard alcohol. I'm drunk off him fucking me, desperate for this to never end. My pussy is gushing out so much cum that I feel the wet ring of my cum blooming around us on his trousers. My ass might as well be splashing in it and as I bounce up and down on his cock. I'm making almost whining sounds, struggling to breath and moaning harder than I ever have in my life. If I was a demon, Magnus would be fucking it out of me, exorcising it. But judging by how his enormous, harder than titanium cock is slamming into me impossibly fast, I'd say that Daddy is the demon of fucking.

Oh, I can't complain. He can drag me into this wicked hell with that delicious cock and I'll beg for only more. I can't believe the sensations reverberating through my body. I've never felt like this before. A fleeting thought tells me that I'll never feel like this again.

I mean, after all, I'm fucking my stepfather.

Well, he's fucking me, super hard, in a way that almost makes me fear for the limousine, maybe my body.

But I'm never going to be able to fuck him again. I mean, he didn't want to do this in the first place.

Well, I call bullshit. He's fucking me so hard, no way that Magnus wasn't thinking about doing just this when he was fending off my flirting in the restaurant. But in the privacy of his fancy car and with some admittedly naughty persuasion tactics at play from my naughty repertoire, he's unleashed the beast.

He's unleashed two beasts. The monster cock he's impaling me with so much that the loudest sound in the air is my wet pussy sloshing with the cum his enormous cock is milking from me. And the man that fucks like this. Seriously, he's my stepfather, not some young Tinder ho looking to swipe for the night, and he's fucking me like he's about to win an Olympic medal. For the record, if I could, I'd award him one for this fucking, and me one for how much I'm coming. Seriously, when I lick off the cum on his cock like he told me I would, I'll be filling my damn stomach up.

Magnus brings his hands back to my breasts and he tugs my nipples. "I'm about ready to cum, baby girl," he moans out. It's the most sensual sound I've ever heard.

I lick my lips subconsciously, wanting to taste our cum together in my mouth. I feel the sweat on my brow when I think about how hard it'll be to take that massive cock in my mouth. The way he fucked his cock deep up into my pussy didn't give me a choice...and that has me wondering just how rough Daddy will be. Am I going to suck his cock, or is he going to fuck my mouth? My pussy shivers at just the thought. I want to be used by him, fucked so hard by him until I can't remember my name and the only word in my mind is Daddy. I've never been fucked the way that he fucks me. It's addictive. I won’t be able to think of anything else later; I can’t think of anything now. Daddy’s cock…not even once. Because addictive hardly even begins to describe how much I crave his cock sliding into my pussy, filling me up, stuffing me to the brim with every inch of him so that it erases every thought in my mind with every stroke. He’s erasing my resistance. Capturing my lust. Claiming me down to my soul.

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