By: Alexa Rynn

Trent frowned. “A glove?”

“Uh huh, according to Addison Cooper this mystery man with glowing green eyes left one of his gloves behind. She just can’t wait to show it off to anyone who will listen to prove she’s not making this up.” Her eyes traveled down to my hands. “How could you be so careless?”

She was right, it was completely out of character for me. Two years and I had never made a single mistake and here I go making two in the same night with the same damn woman. It didn’t look good, especially if she could figure out where the glove came from or get some kind of fibers off it.

“She’s just a freaked out woman, she’ll forget about it.” I turned my back on my sister, not wanting her to see the regret and anger on my face. I had fucked up, and bad. I prided myself on not making such stupid mistakes.

“Her stepfather is a cop.”

“A COP?” Trent asked.

“Braden,” my sister warned me. “We need to get that glove back.”

“Where have I heard that name before? Addison Cooper? Why does it sound so familiar?” Trent turned the name over and over in his mind, trying to figure out where he knew it from.

“Braden,” Hayden whispered.

“Addison Cooper… Addison Cooper… Addison…”


“I’ll take care of it,” I barked, turning around to face them again. I grabbed my suit jacket off the back of my chair and slipped it over my shoulders. “I’ll take care of it.” I rounded the desk and started to make my way toward the door of my office.

“Where are you going?” Hayden demanded from somewhere behind me.

“I’m going to get the damn glove back.”

My sister leaped around my body and threw herself in front of the door. “And how the hell do you plan on doing that without letting her figure out who you are?” She stuck her bottom lip out the way she always did when she was being stubborn. “It’s too risky. You should let me go, she doesn’t trust men right now. After what she went through last night she will probably scream bloody murder before you get within ten feet of her.”

Trent puffed from the other side of the room, forgetting about the name familiarity for the time being. Hayden shot him a look but he just shrugged. “There’s no girl that Braden can’t impress. A normal guy, sure, maybe he would have some trouble. But Braden?” Trent leaned back and crossed one leg over his knee. “Please, he’ll have that glove back in no time.”

This was true. “The man does have a point.”

Hayden didn’t say anything for a second then just shrugged and backed away from the door with the same defeated expression she always got when I got my own way. “Fine. But be careful and you better make sure your ass is back here by 4 for that conference call!”

I waved her off and headed out the door. “Yeah, yeah. Do I ever let you down?”

But I didn’t stick around to hear her response.

Chapter Six


I refreshed my email browser for about the tenth time in five minutes. What the hell was taking everyone so long to get back to me? Didn’t they know this was the story of the century? I mean, hello, a stranger with a broad chest and big arms breaking into someone’s house in the middle of the night to save her from a serial rapist? It had goldmine written all over it!

They should have been lining up around the block to break it, not ignoring.

I tried once more then slammed my cup of coffee down on the café’ table when once again I was greeted with no results. The couple that sat at the counter next to me turned around and gave me a nasty look.

Well, excuse me. Some of us didn’t have the best night.

“Hey, what did that mug ever do to you?” A deep voice came from behind me and despite the goose bumps that shot up and down my body I swung around ready for a fight.

But then I saw his face.

And then my attitude was lodged in my throat with the rest of my emotions.

He was dark and rugged, so handsome that he looked like he just stepped out of a Versace catalogue. Dark black hair and piercing blue eyes that reminded me of the ocean when it was clean and clear and sparkling so bright that you had to look away.

“I… sorry, what?” I squawked.

He crossed around the table and sat his big body down across from me. “The mug.” He nodded toward the cup I was just abusing and leaned forward in his chair. “Did it offend you in some way? Maybe it owes you money?”

I laughed nervously. “I… I’m sorry. Do I know you?”

He shook his head and leaned back in his chair. “No but you want to.”

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