By: Alexa Rynn

“I’m fine. Just a little shaken up.”

“You heard Jerry, it’s still a good idea for you to get checked out.” My mother pulled me up by the arm and gave me a shove toward the hall. “Why don’t you go put on something a little more appropriate and put those clothes in a plastic bag I told Jerry we’d bring them to the hospital.”

I felt like a child again being ordered around by my mother. I had thought I wanted people around me but I had started to think I would be better off alone for a while. I needed some time to process everything that had happened. It had been a whirlwind since the cops showed up.

“Mom, I just need a minute to myself, okay? Why don’t you go ahead and talk to the doctor and I’ll be a few minutes behind you?”

She stared to shake her head but I cut her off. “Mom, please? I’ll be fine. I mean the jerk is in jail it’s not like he’s going to come back and snatch me up.” I gave her a gentle shove toward the door.

“But what if… what if you have more…. You know? Sightings of things?”

I tried my best to not flip out on her. It wasn’t my mother’s fault she didn’t believe me. Most people in their right mind wouldn’t. “Mom, I’ll be fine. If I’m not there 15 minutes after you then you can call Jerry and have him send out the search team. I just need a minute to myself.”

My mother shifted uncomfortably from one foot to the other. “What about if I wait in the car for you? You just come on down when you’re ready.” She opened the door and stepped out onto the porch. “I’ll just be right down here, see?”

“Mom! Go. I’m fine, I’ll be right behind you. Love you!” And then I closed the door in her face before she had the chance to fight me on it anymore. I appreciated the thought of her but I just needed to breathe for a second.

Twenty minutes later I still hadn’t caught it. I kept overthinking everything that had happened. Was everyone right? Had I just imagined that a man in a black mask with green eyes had come into my room in the middle of the night to save me? Could I really have apprehended that man all by myself in my state of shock?

It seemed unlikely. But was it more unlikely than a super fast and strong man in a costume and altered voice doing it? Nothing about it made any sense and it had started to drive me crazy.

I slipped down from my bed onto the floor and hugged my knees to my chest. Could I really have a mystery hero running around my brain that doesn’t exist? And if so then what the hell was the wrong with me?

I ran my hands back and forth over the carpet until one of my fingers brushed against something lodged under my bed. I grabbed the fabric in my hand and pulled it toward me, turning it over in my hands.

It was a black glove.

I hadn’t imagined him at all. He had been there.

He had saved me. That settled it.

I had to find him.

Chapter Five


The door to my office swung open and my childhood best friend, Trent, came bursting in. He clutched the side of his stomach and slammed the door shut behind him. “She’s coming… she’s coming… she’s… she’s really worked up.”

I snapped my computer shut and sighed. “My mother?” I was expecting her at any moment since I had released the one remaining security guard I had kept on this morning. Running around the city fighting crime was a little challenging when you were always trying to ditch overgrown men who attracted attention the second they entered a room.

Trent shook his head and glanced toward the shut door. “Your mother? No! Hayden! I had to run past her on the steps just to make it up here in time! You did something wrong… you did something to upset her.”

“What else is new?” I rolled my eyes and glanced at my tablet behind my desk. The girl from last night still hadn’t checked into the hospital to get looked at, nor had she gone down to the police station to make an official statement according to their databases. What the hell was she waiting for?

“No, it’s worse than usual. Just act natural when she gets in here!”

I scoffed. “Trent, when are you going to stop being scared of Hayden? We aren’t kids anymore. You know she’s not going to put you in a headlock and steal your lunch money, right?”

A shade of red formed in his cheeks. “I’m not scared of her! Besides, how many times do I have to tell you that I was sick that day?” he grumbled.

I laughed and closed out of the databases I was accessing illegally. “You can say it as many times as you want I’m still not going to believe it.” I clicked on the browser that brought me to the cities traffic cams and started to shift through the busy streets of LA. I had shown up too late to catch the mugger last night. By the time I got there all that was left was an elderly woman standing confused in the middle of the street. I’d made it my mission to hunt the scumbag down, if there was one thing I hated it was when a piece of crap like that got away.

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