Billionaire Bad Boys Club(7)

By: Emma Holly

Mesmerized, Trey watched his erection wagging behind the cloth. “If I did suck you, I’d get hard again.”

“If you got hard again, you’d have to teach me some other way to play.”

Trey had never been accused of having a poker face. Easily reading his approval, Zane dug into his sweatpants. His championship hands emerged with both his cock and balls. Trey licked his lips at the tasty sight. Zane’s family jewels were as sizable as the rest of him. Even better, the big flushed head was sticky from having come. His own goodies began stirring between his legs.

“You’re getting hard right now,” Zane whispered.

Trey loved how awed he sounded but didn’t grab for him straight away. He had a couple issues he wanted to get clear first. He sat up too, hoping this would help him think. His cock bounced higher as their knees bumped. Ignoring it, he gripped the stretch of bench between them. Zane looked at him questioningly.

“I need to know,” Trey said. “Is tonight the only time we’ll do this? ’Cause if it is, I’m not letting you go till dawn.”

Zane dropped his hold on his cock, his fingers wrapping next to Trey’s. He hesitated. “I don’t want it to be. You just shouldn’t expect me to, you know, ask you to go to prom.”

“No,” Trey agreed, though the reckless freak in him would have liked if Zane wanted that. “What I’m asking is if you want to fool around again—in private.”

Zane’s hands covered Trey’s, squeezing them on the bench. “Yes, I really do want that.”

Trey had to smile at his seriousness. “Good. I really want it too.”

“So . . . it’ll be our secret?” Zane’s fingers stroked the dips between Trey’s knuckles—as if he thought Trey needed bribing to keep quiet. Trey couldn’t let this pass without teasing.

“Yup,” he said. “We’ll call it the bad boys club.”

Trey knew Zane would think this was stupid. “We’re not calling it that,” he huffed.

“I think we are,” Trey contradicted, prepared to do some bribery of his own. Amusingly, neither of their cocks was bored by the conversation. Both were sticking up and bouncing. He reached for Zane’s, wrapping it in his hand and pulling toward the head. As susceptible as a virgin, Zane shuddered and closed his eyes. When Trey squeezed his fingers tighter around the rim, Zane’s breath sighed out pleasurably. Deciding he had the jock where he wanted, he switched hands and pulled again. To his surprise, the pressure revealed that Zane was uncut. Trey was able to stretch his foreskin at least an inch higher. A shiver of titillation rolled down his vertebrae. He’d never had a guy with a hood before.

With some effort, he dragged his focus back on topic. “You know why we’re calling it the bad boys club?”

Eyes still closed, Zane shook his head tightly. His expression was enraptured, but even rapture could be improved. Trey licked his palm, slicking it good and wet for his next caress. This time Zane squeaked as it tugged up him. Given his reaction, Trey couldn’t doubt his was the first male hand to pleasure Zane’s equipment.

“Why?” Zane gasped, rolling his hips higher.

“We’re calling it the bad boys club so this can be our secret handshake.”

In spite of his distraction, this tickled Zane’s fancy. He laughed and his eyes flew open. “You’re crazy.”

“Crazy for you.” Trey wagged his brows to make this a joke as well.

Since he hadn’t minded it before, Trey smacked a kiss on Zane’s mouth. Then he bent to the part of Zane they both wanted him swallowing. Zane’s cock was oven-hot, his skin as smooth as satin. Trey’s tongue did a happy dance over him.

“God,” Zane moaned, the volume of the cry exciting. His pelvis jerked, shoving half of him inward.

Trey took him eagerly. He discovered this was extra good when you had a thing for the other person, when you weren’t just sucking a cock but a cock you’d been dying for. Trey wanted to devour Zane, to pull on him with his mouth until he popped like a champagne cork. His tongue went crazy along his shaft, his hands searching out the sweetest places in the vicinity. His thumbs dug between Zane’s balls, pushing through to where his cock rooted. Trey loved having his perineum rubbed. Luckily, this wasn’t just a hot zone for him. Zane punched his groin upward.

He groaned Trey’s name, hands urging his head closer.

“Please,” he gasped, totally thrilling him. Trey sucked him harder, and Zane let out a wail.

He came like Trey had, in a burst so big it couldn’t be contained, tremor after tremor milked out by his suckling. His final sigh echoed Trey’s, his fingers combing Trey’s hair over him.

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