Billionaire Bad Boys Club(6)

By: Emma Holly

“Pull off,” Trey warned, though he didn’t truly want him to. “I haven’t jacked myself in a week. I never come a damn teaspoonful.”

Zane made a sound around his mouthful that sounded like nuh-uh. In case Trey had any doubts about his meaning, he shook his head from side to side.

The motion felt better than Trey was prepared for. It twisted Zane’s tongue and lips around him like the stripes on a barber’s pole.

“Fuck,” he cursed. His left hand tightened on Zane’s head, but Zane resisted that urging too. He stuck to his slow pace, letting his tongue caress Trey’s underside tenderly. The sweetness of it killed him. Zane was into this. Maybe Zane was actually into him.

“That’s good,” Trey forced his vocal chords to push out. “God, Zane, that’s really nice.”

Zane pulled up him until the head popped out. His seductive lips shone with saliva. “I want it,” he said, his pupils liquid black in the blazing blue of his eyes. “I want you to shoot down my throat.”

The expression on his face made Trey’s penis throb violently. Zane pushed down again before he could think what to say. His hand had slid behind Zane’s neck when the football star pulled up. Now he forced himself to stop fighting, telling his body to relax and roll with Zane’s motions. He caressed Zane the way Zane’s tongue caressed him. Everywhere he could, Trey rubbed gently against him: inner thighs brushing ribs, fingers massaging nape. Zane uttered a little noise, like he loved the kindness and like it hurt him at the same time. Maybe the jock would be embarrassed after, but Trey didn’t care. His eyes stung with feeling, his heart clenched enough to ache. The edge of the gargantuan orgasm he was riding wasn’t as big as his emotions.

If he missed out on this moment, he knew he’d kick himself.

“Do me,” he crooned, the words completely different ones in his head. “Do me, Zane. Make me come for you like you want.”

Zane groaned and took him deeper, his wetness and his suction increasing. Trey’s climax gathered, his cock twisting tight with its last warning. Zane must have felt the shaft contorting inside his mouth. His cheeks pulled close, soft, his hand releasing Trey’s trapped testicle. Heat rushed outward from the freed spot. Trey gasped as his ejaculation shot from him.

It felt like a flood to him, but Zane didn’t seem to mind. He sucked right through the contractions, his tongue doing things that kept Trey’s climax as sharp as it could get. When it ended, Trey didn’t recognize his own sigh. It was low and melodic, like he was singing his pleasure, like every muscle had released a tension he hadn’t known it held. His legs lost their grip on Zane, the soles of his running shoes slapping the compacted dirt beneath the bleacher bench.

The sound seemed to wake Zane from his sucking. He let Trey’s cock slip free, the thing so exhausted he couldn’t even mind. With a casualness Trey found reassuring, he wiped his mouth on his T-shirt’s sleeve. Then, clearly not disgusted, he turned his head to rest on Trey’s sweat-streaked stomach.

“Shit,” he murmured, lungs going up and down. “That was hot.”

He lifted a second later, one arm reaching between his own legs to tug himself comfortable. Trey’s eyebrows shot upward. “You didn’t come?”

Zane looked at him and grinned. “I did. The second your big hot dick slid into my mouth. I just got hard again.”

Trey was happier with this answer than he knew how to say. “You are a crazy mother. How’d you know to suck me so well?”

“It was good?”

“It was incredible. I can’t believe that was your first time.”

Zane hunched his shoulders, the gesture both mischievous and bashful. “I’m a big reader.”

“Come on.”

“Okay, maybe I watch a lot of porn. And sometimes I practice on a dildo when I jack off.” Zane hid his face against Trey’s stomach to laugh silently.

Trey couldn’t remember ever being so entertained. “Your practice paid off.” He gave in to the temptation to stroke his sandy locks. Zane used some sort of product to spike his hair, but it was still silky.

For half a minute, Zane lay still under his petting. Then he sighed and sat up. He looked down at Trey, flushed from sex but not speaking. His powerful thighs V’d around the bench, his hard-on sticking up nice and prominent in his sweatpants. Trey scratched his stomach, searching for the best approach to get a crack at it.

“I’m not as good at oral sex as you,” he tried, “but I surely do like it.”

Grinning, Zane slid his hands down his own torso, skirting his erection to cup and hike his balls. The lift pushed his junk forward. “I bet whatever you did would feel good to me.”

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