Bad Boy's Secret(4)

By: Ella Score

"Well, no I didn't actually mention you. I just reminded him to be there." He sighs, and we walk out of his room together. "How about super?" He asks, as I start making my way to the library. "On me at the dinner." He adds.

"If you're buying." I smile, and wave. We often times have super together, I feel bad for him. With school being an on campus thing he hasn't really been able to go out and meet people. He has friends, but I've noticed he doesn't have any girlfriends. It's not my place to say anything though, it's his life. He is Pat's friend though, so it's not weird for me to go out with him. Not date go out or anything but as friends. We are friends. I still remember when I first meet him. That would've been back in middle school too, I had a crush on most of Pat's friends. Austin AKA Mr. Parker, and Jason are the only two I really remember ever really liking though. I remember Ky and David though, and they were alright. I haven't seen and heard anything about Jason in a while though. The last thing I remembering hearing about him was that his parents pulled him from college and sent him somewhere better. He came from a rich family I assume. Jason also happens to be my first kiss, and I remember that night clear as day. I almost walk into the door to the library, and that tells me I need to drop the subject in my head.

I take my seat, and get everything ready. Checking my phone while waiting, I reply to Robbie telling him I'll have to rain check on the movie marathon tonight. I don't often times go out with Mr. Parker, but I can't not say yes when he asks. He is a lot of fun when he isn't teaching. He is still that party animal he was in college, but he has tamed it down a lot since, with being a teacher.

"I'm sorry I'm late... I wanted to grab food fir- Paige?" Jake walks in fifteen minutes late. It seems he remembers me from an hour and half ago. "You're my tutor?" He laughs, grabbing a fry from his to go container from the dinner.

"Why is that funny?" I sit back, stuffing my phone in my front jeans pocket. Me being his tutor caught him off guard, I can tell. He is trying to play with me though. I'm on his list of girls to screw. I wonder where I fall on his numbers though.

"You're hot." He says flatly, "Hot girls aren't smart." He says leaning forward still checking me out.

"That's a horrible stereotype." I yawn, opening up the history book. Flipping to the section in chapter 5 he needs to read, I slide the book to him. He is still munching his fries and watching me. "What?" I ask, not liking the whole starring thing.

"Are you seriously my tutor? Cause I highly doubt it, don't you have like a boyfriend to be with or something?" He asks, and his eyes narrow. Is this him trying to pull me in? I can't tell, it's not working though. It's actually pissing me off. He shows up late, and he won't start his work.

"No, no boyfriend." I admit, and he smirks. "Would you read please. I do have plans." I lean back, pulling out my phone again. I open up my kindle app,.

"With a guy?" He keeps interrogating me. I kick him under the table tired of him already. "She is feisty too." I role my eyes, pulling my headphones from my book bag. After a couple minutes, I peek up at him and he is looking down at the history book. I watch him, and I can see he is having a hard time focusing. He isn't jittery though, so it's not ADD or ADHD. "I'm not getting this." He sighs, pushing the book forward slightly.

"Are you not getting it or just not focusing enough?" I mumble, as he grabs a couple more fries. "Do I need to read it to you?" I joke around. He rubs his forehead. "Do you have a reading disorder of some kind or something?" I ask, wondering what's going on.

"No, I just don't like history." He smiles, "How about we blow this off and we go swimming or something." He brings out his smoulder.

"Do you really think skipping is a good idea?" I ask, pulling out his two papers and showing him I've seen them. I watch as his face drops, and he looks completely miserable. "Besides, if I did skip I wouldn't skip with you." I say. "Now, are you going to do the work, or do I need to read it to you?" He is quiet, thinking about my question.

"Could you play music or something? I hate reading in silence." He asks, pulling the book back in. I nod happily, pulling out my headphones and playing my playlist. After that the next thirty minutes pass swiftly as he reads. Then I go through a the worksheet with him, helping him but not giving him the answers. "Well, that was easier than I thought. I was just gonna throw it away." he smiles, at me. I stand up from the chair, I moved over closer to him to help.

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