Bad Boy's Secret(3)

By: Ella Score

I'm free on Wednesdays and Thursday for sure. Everyone once in a while Robbie, Carmen, and I go off campus on Monday's and obviously Friday's are off limits who wants to waste time being tutored on a Friday? Shoving all of that aside I open my computer, and fire up my email. Sending Jake the idea of Wednesdays and Thursdays right after school, I close out of it reaching for my text book for French class.

Chapter 2- Wednesday Already

Paige's POV

Carmen and Robbie are bickering like normal as the three of us make our way into the school. I've tried my hardest but the two of them just can't seem to get along, they don't really hangout unless they're both with me though so they hopefully don't spend too much time together. The dumb thing is that they argue about what's for lunch and make it seem like it's World War III! Once we're actually in the building where other students start watching, I elbow each other them in the gut.

"You can knock it off now." I say, "I have to stop at the office, so I'll see you guys later." I excuse myself from their madness. I do have to stop pat the office to get stuff for later. Later as in Jake's tutoring lesson, which I haven't figured out yet if I'm scared or worried or anything. It will be a new experience I know for sure, the last time Jake even talked to me let own looked at me was back in middle school. We had to work together on a science project, in which he actually was nice to me and he did do the same amount of work I did. I wonder what changed. Puberty. That's what happened. In middle school he was still Jake Lincoln the cute jock. But in the year between eighth grade and ninth, puberty struck him and oh hot damn. Freshman year he wasn't known for being a player or a manwhore as I call it, but Sophomore year it started. Now it's the third quarter in our junior year and he just keeps on going. Why I know all of this I don't know. It must be from Carmen. I'm not crushing on him, I'm one of the rare girls here who could care less. I see him for who he is a manwhore.

Once I have everything from Mr. Wilson, I bring it all back to my locker and head to French class. I hate having foreign language first period, but it has its pluses. The teach, Mrs. Jack, pronounced shock, understand we aren't fully ready to learn such hard things, so she goes slow and records the lessons to let us bring home if needed. The first bell rings indicating class is ready, so everyone that's hear quiets down and listens to the start of the lesson. Once she is done with the lesson she hands out homework and I get to work. I hate homework, I often times don't have any because I finish it in class or in study halls. Switching to second period when the bell goes off for it I stop by my locker to put away my French book, and grab my water bottle for speech. I tend to need a lot of water in this class even though I don't get nervous or anything. I just like being hydrated, it keeps me focused I guess. Sitting through, my other class mates speeches make me tired though. I not interested in public speaking, but it counts for a college credit so I thought I should take it.

Moving on throughout the day, I get more and more anxious for the tutoring session. I guess I am worried. When the bell rings in my seventh period study hall I nearly fall out of my chair. I was really off into my thoughts. Running to my locker to grab my history book, I notice the locker next to me is already opened, and filled with a bunch of stuff. From the looks of it though it's not a new kid. I snoop for a second, trying to see if I can see a name anywhere.

"Can I help you?" a boy asks behind me, I turn my face turning pink. Oh shit, gosh great start Paige. It's Jake. The pink fades and I turn white. "You knew here or something?" he asks, looking me up and down the way his kind does. I shake off what just happened, and turn to my locker closing it.

"No. I'm not new here, Jake." I speak, "Paige.. Easton.. we've gone to the same schools since middle school." I inform him, and he shakes his head as if I'm not ringing any bells. Whatever at the moment I could care less, I'm late for class. I walk off steaming with anger about the new locker situation. Why would they move his locker? That's dumb! Why did you have to move Connie? Sliding into my seat, a minute late, Mr. Parker doesn't right me up. I've never been late before, so I'm happy he is letting this time slide. Class goes by way to fast, and when the bell rings I take my sweet time gathering my things. Maybe he didn't get my email, and that's why he didn't recognize my name at all. If he didn't get my email though then he might not show up.

"Hey I told Jake to meet you in the library." Mr. Parker says, handing me over so more papers for him.

"You said Paige and everything?" I ask, scratching my eyebrow, he gives me a weird look. "Well we kind f bumped into each other in the hall. He has no idea who I am..."

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