Bad Boy's Secret(10)

By: Ella Score

I grab out the fruit punch and Robbie gives me a thumbs up. I set it on the table, and grab two glasses. Then he pull two boxes of Cookie Crisp cereal. I grab the juice again and the two cups and head up stairs indicating that we have our snacks for the night. Once we're back in his room, he closes his blinds, and then turns to the light off. Then I press play and we snuggle under his comforter.

Six Chucky movies later, I grab the boxes of cereal and the jug of juice. I whisper goodbye to Robbie, who fell asleep during the last movie, and I leave. I have stayed the night at his dorm before, but only on weekends. Tomorrow is Friday and we have school, probably not a good idea. I turn towards the kitchen once I'm down the stairs, to throw away the garbage. We drank all the juice and ate a box and half of cereal. Taking my time breaking the boxes down so they fit into the recycling bin easier, I lean against the counter peeling of the box tops from them too.

"Yeah, dad I understand." I hear Jake's voice, I role my eyes turning so that my back is to the door hopefully he won't see me. I totally forgot about Jake and Robbie being in the same dorms as well. What a small fucking world. "Mr. Wilson already assigned me a tutor anyways, so no need to freak out." He speaks again, I listen now, noticing his is talking about me. Or at least having a tutor.

"Well, I won't have my son failing classes. You're Jace was a straight A student, and Jayla is a straight A student." An obviously older guy replies, and he sounds sophisticated, and snobby. Jake's father, Mr. Lincoln. He is the owner of the company his family runs.

"I have all A's but one." Jake sighs, and I turn around looking towards the entrance. He has all A's, but in Mr. Parker's class?

"And that one is an F!" Mr. Lincoln replies, not happy. "Next time I come for a visit, I expect that grade to be better." Then I hear a door close, and everything is quiet. Wow, Jake's got a chip on his shoulder. I didn't realize that his parents or at least his dad was that ... what's the word I'm looking for stuck up maybe?

"Goodbye to you too, Dad." I hear Jake, he sounds disappointed. Gosh, it's 2:43 A.M what kind of visit was that? I feel bad for Jake, he really does need his grade up. I wonder what else was all said, Jake doesn't sound happy at all. The whole night must've been bad. "What are you doing here this late?" Jake's voice floats into the kitchen. I look up, from the box of cereal checking his posture and his facial expression. He isn't looking at me. He is slouched against the wall, scratching back of his head looking at the floor.

"Watched movies with Robbie." I reply, tossing the jug of juice in the bin. That's all I needed, now I can go. "Well.. I better get going.." I say and I walk past him.

"Paige," he says, I stop looking back as I put my sweatshirt on. "I know you heard what he said." He says turning around and looking at me.

"I won't say anything." I assure him, no way would I say anything about what I heard. Jake has his own family issues, and that's none of my business.

"That's not where I was going," He says, "I just... I want you to know, I really do appreciate that you taking the time to tutor me." He glances up at my face. I'm a little confused, and I think I'm blushing. Jake is being a good guy. Not a jerk manwhore. He isn't with a girl right now, he was with his father, and most likely getting in trouble. He is thanking me, and really meaning it. I smile happy to see he still has this side to him. I do remember the time we worked on the project in middle school.

"Yeah, no problem." I smile slightly, as does he. "By the way, I like this side of you. It's the side I remember from middle school, when we worked on that project." I inform him, heading towards the door again.

"I just wish you weren't the only one.." I hear him before I close the door. I stand outside on the deck area, trying to figure out if I really hear that or if that was just me wishing he would say something like that. Good guy Jake. That Jake is cute. I shake my head, no matter what Jake he is he isn't cute!

Jake's POV

I watch as she makes her way out of the school, with Robbie next to her. They talk for a second before they get in the car, and once they do get in they still talk. Wyatt is busy flirting with his new girl, apparently she is more than just a one night thing. I sigh looking back at Robbie's car. I see them laughing, and having a good time. I think I was wrong before, I was right about him being friendzoned, but I can see he is trying to break through it. I wonder why he doesn't just kiss her. I look away, realizing she won't break. She has a set mind, whatever it's set at she isn't veering off track. She hasn't even cracked once, other than being nervous around me, but that's almost everyone. I go out to my car, and drive to my dorm. No way do I want to hang out with Wyatt and Carmen. Robbie pulls up at the same time I do, but he is alone now. He must've dropped Paige off at her dorm. He walks right inside, like he normally does. What on Earth is so special about him? Why is he her best friend? I role my eyes.. Who cares Jake! I go into the dorm, and I see my Father. I panic, my grade! Oh god I'm in for it!

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