Abducted for love ( Bad Boy BBW BWWM Romance)(8)

By: Amanda Horton

“Now, now Jed, you don’t want to hurt her” Amsel said his hands up in surrender, “Do you? Just come quietly and we need not spill any blood. You know you deserve to be punished. You killed humans. The Brotherhood has very strict rules about that sort of thing.”

“The Brotherhood be damned” Lance said and flung something at Amsel and his crew.

Smoke rose up around them. Claire felt Jed’s hold on her disappear as a sound like bones crunching filled the air. A big black bear ran passed her and somehow Claire knew it was Jed. She watched him go until the smoke consumed him. Then she heard terribly sounds, shouts, gunfire and the thud of a sword on brick.

A moment later a bigger black bear stepped up to her. It had blood dripping from its jaws where it held Lance’s bag. It looked at her and she saw the piercing eyes. Lance. Claire touched the thick black fur and felt its silkiness. She slung the bag in front of her and hauled herself up onto his back.

Lance ran and Claire hung on for dear life. She had ridden a pony once in her life at a petting zoo when she was about five years old and there were still things like that. This was nothing like how she remembered that experience. This was raw and primal, a beast panting and straining under her as he ran up the tunnel and out into the sunlight.


The alleyway was full of garbage and the smell of rot. Lance burst out of a round hole and cannoned down the alley, garbage flying in his wake. Claire, still clinging onto his fur, risked a moment to look back over her shoulder for Jed. But he wasn’t there.

“Lance!” she yelled. “Lance, he’s not out of the tunnel! We have to go back.”

Lance hearing her skidded to a halt and turned panting. He stood for a moment unsure than sniffed the air.

“So now what?” Claire asked sliding down off his back. “We can’t have you looking like that and running through the streets. You’ll cause panic.”

The bear seemed to consider this. The change back to human was also accompanied by the sounds of bones crunching and Claire looked away not able to watch that horrific transformation. Lance stood before her once again in his jeans and black t-shirt. He took his and Jed’s bags from her and then clasped her hand in his.

“We have another hideout we can go to” Lance said. “Jed will meet us there.”

Claire nodded and let Lance lead her out of the alley, across the street and into another alley so fast she barely had time to see anything around her. She still had no idea which part of the city she was in. Lance moved in fits and bursts, and she was moved along with him. They were keeping to alleyways, and the back entrances to hotels and apartment buildings. Everywhere they went people like him opened the doors for Lance. Eyes glinted golden and emerald green, there was the hint of a fang, or a slightly pointed ear. And finally Claire realized that they were at the marina, where all the rich folks tied up their yachts and pleasure boats.

Lance led her along a jetty to a particularly fine looking boat, the Margo. Claire knew nothing about boats except that this was a big one.

“We can’t go on that!” she exclaimed. “Doesn’t someone own it?”

“Yes” Lance said smiling and Claire noticed how handsome he was. How in this light, as the sun began to draw on another night, he looked boyish and charming. His big shoulders shook as he chuckled. “And you thought we were poor little thieves, huh?”

“Well you don’t look rich.”

Lance helped her up onto the boat and then down into the cabin. It was a lot bigger than she had thought it would be with sofas around the walls and a table in the middle of the floor space. There was a bar in the corner and a drinks refrigerator. Lance moved over to it and took two bottles of water out, handing her one. She took it, drinking gratefully. Then she noticed that there was blood dripping down his arm where his bandage had come loose.

“You’re bleeding” she said and moved towards him picking up his shirt sleeve. A nasty wound gaped under it, with blood seeping out in a thin red trickle.

“It’s nothing” Lance said and made to move her away but Claire moved his hand. He had just saved her life; the least she could do was re-bandage his arm.

“Do you have a first aid kit?”

A little searching revealed one, and Claire did her best to clean the wound. All the while Lance watched her as they sat on the red velvet sofa and she first cleaned and then bandaged his arm. His eyes were soft, his lips slightly parted as he gazed at her with open hunger. Claire wasn’t sure what to do. After all she had just been kissing Jed not three hours ago. What would it say about her if she kissed Lance now?

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