Abducted for love ( Bad Boy BBW BWWM Romance)(5)

By: Amanda Horton

“Well thanks and all, but I’m leaving.” She stood up and began to walk to the door.

But Jed got there first. He moved like lightning.

“Now, now Claire, we need to talk. I promise I won’t hurt you, but you really do need to listen to me before we do something foolish, and someone gets killed,” Jed said. “You are my guest, well mine and my brother’s. Please promise you will hear us out. You must have so many questions.” His blue eyes bore into her green ones and something inside Claire began to melt. She let her bag slide down on its strap until it hit the floor. Jed nodded.

“Good,” he said. “I’ll get us some food. You must be hungry.” Jed reaching behind his back turned the door handle and opened the door that Claire had meant to go through in her dash to freedom. It opened onto a sitting room furnished with two sofas, chairs and a table, a mini fridge and small coffee station.

“Can I offer you coffee?” Jed asked gently escorting her into the room to one of the sofas so that the window was behind her. “You Americans do love your coffee don’t you?”

“I guess,” she said sitting on the cream colored fabric and running her fingers over it. Right now she needed to touch something that was undeniably real and sturdy. Something that wouldn’t surprise her, change and suddenly be something else and in this space the sofa was it. The fabric was soft but rough, and smelled of hotel, which was to say of dust and other people’s Parfüme.

Jed busied himself at the coffee station putting a pot on to perk. “Lance is a coffee nut” he said, his back to Claire. “Sometimes I think he would never get up if he didn’t have at least one cup.”

“Where is Lance?” she asked edging along the sofa. Looking around the room, she spotted another door right in front of her. It was perilously close to where Jed was making coffee. She would never make it to the door before him, not with him moving so terribly fast.

“He is changing” Jed said not looking at her. “He took a bullet last night, so I was patching him up. He should be out in a moment.”

And the previous night came flooding back to her.

Jed turned, two cups of coffee in his hands, to find Claire pale and shaking on the couch. He moved towards her but she flinched, pulling her legs up on the sofa trying to get away from him. Tears ran down her cheeks.

“You stay away from me!” she cried.

“Claire please, let me explain” Jed said.

The door to the bedroom opened. Claire turned and saw the huge black bear standing in the doorway. Her breath caught in her throat and she tried backing away from the creature, through the sofa, until her voice came back and then she screamed and screamed.


It was a story of sadness and loss. Claire listened as Jed and occasionally Lance, spoke for hours about their past. They told her the story of how, as young children, their parents were killed and they were taken into the service of a Russian drug lord called Sergei.

Raised by this mad man to enforce his law in his drug empire, Lance and Jed killed on command. Their shape shifting ability was an added bonus, harnessed by Sergei to make them feared all through the European underworld.

It had been a fine life for the two as they had the compulsion to hunt in their veins. So Jed and Lance never asked why, never doubted that this was the life for them, until one day. That was the day that Jed found out that he had inadvertently gotten Sergei’s youngest daughter pregnant. When he found out about it, Jed was thrilled. He was excited to be a father, something he had never had. He and Olga had gone to Sergei to get his blessing. They could never have predicted his reaction.

In a rage more terrible than they had ever seen, Sergei slit his own daughter’s throat and let her die in Jed’s arms, calling her and her newly conceived child abominations. Jed went mad too, transformed and ripped Sergei’s throat out. And then he went on a killing rampage through the compound. Lance was forced to kill to save his brother and together they fled Europe to England, and then finally to the USA.

“We had no choice” Jed said. “I loved Olga and her death was more than I could take.”

“So, now we are hunted, as you saw last night” Lance finished off draining his whiskey glass. He stood up and went to the minibar, pulling two small bottles of Bells out and pouring them into his glass. Happy with the refill he went back to his seat opposite Claire.

“Woah, that's quite a story” Claire said shifting on the sofa. “So those people you were fighting last night…the guy in the trench coat? He followed you all the way from Russia? What is he, like a van Helsing or something?”

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