A Wifey for the Bad Boy(8)

By: Olivia Hill

“You thought I’d jumped?” she said slowly, her confused frown turning into one of anger. “Because, what?” she said hotly, pushing him away. “Because you locked me in your penthouse? Or forced me to sign that marriage license?”

“Ah,” Cain said, climbing out of the van with a hand to his bleeding head. “I had wondered what you’d meant by ‘married’ you.”

“Andrew!” Abel scowled. “I should’ve known it was you!”

“Andrew?” Samantha asked, glancing at the shorter man.

“It’s Cain,” he demanded, his hands balling up into fists. “I’m the cursed—”

“Oh, not this shit again,” Abel rolled his eyes. “Look, Sam, I’m sorry about whatever this asshole has done to you, but—”

“What I’ve done? Oh no, brother,” Cain grinned. “You’ve done so much that she actually asked if I was her rescuer!”

“And just what are you doing with her, Andrew?” Abel sighed, turning to his brother.

“She’s mine,” he huffed, his face red. “I got her, fair and square, from her brother—”

“James doesn’t own her anymore,” Abel seethed. “And when I catch that little—”


The two brothers turned to look at Samantha, both wearing the same stunned look on their blue-eyed faces.

“No one owns me,” she glared, pointing a finger at the two of them. Abel glanced at his brother, then took a step towards her, shrugging.

“My dear, if you remember—”

“You want my brother?” she said, exasperated. “Fine. Take him. But we both know that you don’t have men tailing him, or he wouldn’t have been able to break me out of your place. Which means that you’re happy with me,” she said, steeling herself. It was go big or go home at this point, and she’d have to test just where the line was with this guy if she wanted to get out of it. “Your brother told me,” she said sternly. “You’re in love with me.”

Abel’s blue eyes grew wider, and he turned a harsh look on Cain. “Andrew,” he growled.

“And if you want me and you to work at all? Then you’ll take me home,” she said, just barely keeping her voice even. “Right now.”

Abel couldn’t order his men to bring a car around fast enough.

He walked her up to her apartment, something she was just barely able to stand. It wasn’t that she thought he’d go back on his word and take her back to the penthouse instead (though, that was a lingering threat), but more how he couldn’t shut his mouth.

“It wasn’t real, I promise,” he said again for the fiftieth time. “The application was just to, well, convince you, I suppose.”

“Make me feel trapped,” Samantha said tiredly as she trudged up the stairs.

“Well, yes,” Abel nodded. “I didn’t plan to physically trap you, though. I’d planned to take you out when I got home tonight—”

“And keep me under your thumb until I got fired and had nowhere else to go anyway,” she finished for him.

“No,” Abel said, and his simpering tone finally changed into something with more backbone. “I called in for you.”

That made her pause. She glanced over her shoulder at him. “You did?”

“Yes,” he said proudly. “I wasn’t about to completely overthrow your life. I just wanted to make it a part of mine,” he added feebly.

Samantha rolled her eyes as she looked back towards the front. How had she allowed such an eager to please bike boss rule her life for the past two days? He was completely wrapped around her finger.

“This is me,” she said, stopping at her door. “But then, you knew that.”

Abel didn’t answer, but said instead, “How about that dinner? It doesn’t have to be today,” he said quickly. “But, sometime.”

“And why would I,” she asked, sticking her key in the lock. “Go on a date with you?”

“I’ll stop the hunting party for your brother,” he promised.

Samantha frowned, and half-stepped into her apartment, hanging on the doorway. “Isn’t that a bit of an empty threat? You touch him, I hate you.”

“He still owes me money,” Abel said, and Samantha raised an eyebrow at the hand that he had moving around in his coat pocket. Was he fidgeting?

She sighed. “One date, and you never touch my brother again.”

“Deal,” he beamed at her. Samantha blinked back, immediately regretting her decision.

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