Filmed: An Alpha Bad Boy Romance(6)

By: B. B. Hamel

After a short climb, I pushed out into the hall, and found room 237. I was ten minutes early, but I liked having time in case I couldn’t find the room. Temple’s campus was notoriously difficult to navigate, and rooms seemed to appear and disappear in different spots every semester. I sat down toward the back and began to unpack my bag, looking around at the other students.

People slowly filtered into the large room, taking up most spaces. With a few minutes left before the start of the class, Professor Johnson entered, looking haggard and tired. I had heard about him from my mom; he was supposedly brilliant, but incredibly weird. He sat down in front of the class and started to unpack his briefcase.

As Professor Johnson looked like he was about to start the lecture, two more students entered. The first one was a tall, slim blonde girl, wearing short jean shorts and a tight white T-shirt. She was the typical hot blonde girl, and I could have sworn I had seen her a hundred times before. The guy that followed her, however, took my breath away: it was Noah, grinning his usual cocky grin.

I couldn’t believe it. Noah Carterson, that asshole, was in my class, and was headed my way. The blonde skank led him into the back of the room, and as they passed by, Noah locked eyes with me. A small smirk replaced his grin, and he stopped next to me as he walked past.

“Hey there, polka dots,” he said quietly. I turned bright red.

“Hi, Noah,” I said, getting lost in his intense gaze.

“Fancy meeting you here. What’s the color today?”

My jaw dropped. Was he serious?

“Noah, come sit with me,” came the whiniest voice ever. We both looked over at the skank, gesturing impatiently for him to join her.

“Looks like your Barbie is calling,” I spat back.

“Tell me later then. I’d love another show.” He gave me a spine-melting smile, and then walked back to sit next to Stripper Barbie. I kept my head down, face bright red, and my heart was beating hard as excitement filled my chest.

I was seething and hot as Professor Johnson started his lecture. I couldn’t follow a single thing he said; it was all a blur of times, dates, and assignments. I was furious that Noah kept calling me “polka dots,” and couldn’t believe his nerve. He was walking around with the most cliché-looking skank I had ever seen, and he decides to stop and flirt with me right in front of her? It was insulting on so many levels, and yet I was flattered. I couldn’t help myself; he was wearing a V-neck shirt that showed off the top of a chest tattoo, his hair was pushed back and wavy, and his muscles looked perfect.

As soon as the class was finished, I shoved my stuff into my bag and rushed out the door. I didn’t want to give him another chance to imagine what color my underwear was, let alone have to engage with that horrible chick he was with. As I sped down the hall, I wondered if she was his girlfriend, but I doubted it. Based on what Chris told me, she was probably his most recent conquest.

I obsessed about his smile and the way he came on to me with such confidence as I filtered out into the beautiful day. I had to hustle to make it to my next class on time, but that didn’t mean I wasn’t going to mentally pick apart every detail of the short interaction. I wasn’t normally such a prude; I’d been with a few guys, though nothing really serious. I wasn’t a virgin, but I had only ever been with my high school boyfriend. Finding a crush was just never a huge priority for me, though I wasn’t as adverse to it as Chrissy seemed to be.

I thought I had experience with assholes like Noah, but he seemed like something completely different. I had never met a guy with such obvious self-assurance and easy grace. He was charming even when he was being obnoxious, and I hated and wanted him for it.

Chapter Three

That night, as I plopped down on the couch after a long day of class, I had to come face to face with my financial reality. My parents were helping as much as they could with tuition, but it was up to me to pay for my living expenses. I had some money saved up from my summer job, but that was quickly running out. I had to get the worst thing imaginable for a young girl living on a college campus: a job.

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