Still a Bad Boy(8)

By: Ada Scott

Lorenzo called from the warehouse. Apparently he and Roydon arrived just in time for Santino to catch Roydon with a lucky headshot from long range as he was getting out of the car.

Lorenzo shot back, but Santino managed to get to a car and got away. Unbelievable. Now, instead of information and one more dead Picolli, I had to send a clean-up crew in to take care of the mess.

That was a damn shame about Roydon. He was a tough kid and I had the feeling he hated the Picollis almost as much as I did. Fuckin’ shot.

When I came inside out of the cool air, I was just in time to see Coralie leaving her front desk and rushing into the restaurant. I was close behind and my brow furrowed when I saw that it was our table that seemed to be the center of attention.

Some loudmouth asshole and his whore girlfriend were standing over Kendall, with a waiter nearby. They were all talking at once, pointing fingers. The guy was talking about respect and was getting more and more in Kendall’s face even as Coralie arrived and tried to pull him back.

“I didn’t pay five hundred dollars a seat to reserve a table just so I would have to look at the damn help eating in the same room. I didn’t know Luc Monette’s was giving out coupons now.”

Kendall looked terrified, like she was reliving some schoolyard bullying memory. Worst of all, there was this… acceptance on her face, in the near-sobbing quiver of her lip. It was almost as if life dished up this kind of shame to her all the time and nothing ever changed. Nobody ever helped.

A sexy girl like her should have had the world eating out of the palm of her hand. That light I saw in her eyes when she noticed me checking her out shouldn’t be extinguishable by the likes of these people.

I was surprised at how much that affected me. I wasn’t surprised at how murderously fucking pissed off I was.

“Who. The. FUCK. Do you think you’re talking to?”

What little conversation in the room that had survived this long promptly ceased as the whore yelped in surprise and the two of them both startled. The guy whirled around in surprise.

After sizing me up for a second, he came to the wrong conclusion, and pointed at Kendall. “This b-”

“You better rethink what you’re about to say, motherfucker. What happened, Kendall?” I asked without taking my eyes of this dude, all puffed up like he was going to take a swing. I fucking hoped he did.

“She spilled my wine on me,” Kendall said, quietly. Almost apologetically.

“So what are you doing getting in her face?” I asked. “Actually, don’t answer that, because I don’t give a fuck. Get down on your hands and knees, lick her shoes, and beg for forgiveness. Pray to the god of worthless cocksuckers she grants it.”

The asshole looked ready to tell me to fuck off, and I stepped right in close to him until our noses were almost touching. “Five hundred dollars is a big price tag to come here and end up eating your own teeth, bitch.”

I could feel this energy heating up inside of me, flooding my muscles with adrenaline like it did before every fight. On a hair trigger, I waited for the release. I was ready to explode at any sudden movement.

By the time I was done, his own mother would run for the hills at the sight of him. I was pissed beyond words at the news Lorenzo had just dropped on me, and this nobody was going to bear the brunt of it.

“Kick his ass, Mike,” said his piece of fluff.

But then, sometimes people surprise you. His eyebrows twitched a bit as he lost nerve and backed down, slowly lowering himself to his hands and knees in front of Kendall.

No self-respecting man ever literally licked somebody’s shoes, but that’s what Mike did. For a second my rage threatened to boil over, as if he had robbed me of a fight specifically to piss me off. I almost kicked him in the head right there, he was at the right height for it now.

“Please forgive me,” he mumbled to my date.

Kendall’s mouth was opening and closing like a goldfish as she tried to find the words. Honestly, how could the hottest woman in the room stand to have these pretentious cunts look down on her?

Tell him to stand up and fight like a man, I thought.

“It’s OK, it’s OK! Please stop!” she managed to blurt out.

Mike got up and murmured something at me that was probably an apology as the blonde arm candy belittled him.

“You should fuck off, if you know what’s good for you,” I said. “Take that noisy bitch with you.”

“C’mon, Liv,” said Mike, reaching for Liv’s arm and heading towards the front.

She stumbled after him, spouting words of disbelief, and I turned to watch them go. Not a single pair of eyes in the entire restaurant was on their own food, they were all on us, and it was deathly silent.

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