Still a Bad Boy(5)

By: Ada Scott

You can kill a single entity.

“So, we’ve been avoiding something all day,” he said.


“Don’t play dumb. We’ve got Santino duct-taped to a chair, running his mouth while the guys wait for you to get there. He’s right fuckin’ here, in Port Magnus.”

“So tape his fuckin’ mouth shut. We can afford it,” I said.

Santino Son-of-a-bitch Picolli. When I took over this city, I put the word out that anyone who’d been lucky enough to get away, better stay away. Port Magnus was off limits to them.

In reality, I had no plans to stop at Port Magnus, it was just easier to consolidate my position if they weren’t around fucking with my business. The fact that he was here was a real thorn in my side. It felt like a backwards step.

The car pulled into the underground parking lot and paused while the guard checked the ID of my driver and opened the security doors. After a moment we continued.

“Well, let’s just go there, work him over and see what we can get out of him.”

“Pick up Roydon and head over there yourself. I’m going to sit this one out,” I said.

Lorenzo raised an eyebrow. “You serious? You’re not going to handle this one yourself?”

“What’s the matter, don’t think you can crack him?”

Lorenzo puffed himself up a bit, and I knew already that the argument was over before it had even started. My empire was built on fear and paying off the right people, but a little manipulation of ego went a long way too.

“You got someplace more important to be?” he asked.

“Dinner with that sexy little journalist that visited this morning,” I said.

Just mentioning her got my blood pumping. I wondered if she already knew she was getting fucked tonight or not. I could hardly wait to rip those panties off her, feel my cock sliding in, and watching her squirm.

“That’s an about-face on the media policy,” Lorenzo said.

“She won’t get anything she can use.”

“Well, you’re the boss. So, boss, how do you want me to play Santino? The reality is that he might not be crackable.”

I brought my hand up and rubbed my jawline as I thought about it. Lorenzo was right, guys like Santino had been brought up their whole lives being told to shut the fuck up about family business, or else.

Lorenzo hit hard, and I knew Roydon wasn’t going to lose any love on the Picolli family, but it was tough conditioning to break. Still, we had to get something out of this.

“Work him for an hour, two if you think he’s getting close to talking. Get what you can, but don’t touch his face. When you’re done, empty a few clips into him and leave him in front of the old Picolli place. Make sure he’ll be found and recognized. The six o’clock news will send our message. How’s that for a fuckin’ media policy?”

Lorenzo took it all in stride. “That’ll do the trick.”

I pressed the button to speak to my driver over the intercom. “Drop Mr. Marchetti off at his car, then we’re heading back out.”

“Yes, sir.”

Chapter 5


After a brief hurricane of panic from everybody back in the office, I spent the entire afternoon on a computer researching Jace Barlow, determined to make part two of my interview infinitely less embarrassing than part one. I’d known he was secretive, but I didn’t realize just how little of his life had made it on to the internet.

Mr. Kinsley sent me some lines of questioning the brain-trust back in the office thought would be important to go through, but not until after trying to replace me at the dinner with a more experienced reporter. Barlow’s people shot that idea down.

This was my big chance, this was a once in a lifetime opportunity to show them what I could do. Everybody at The Weekly Enquirer, my family, everybody back home who thought I would live and die in Woodville, I’d show them all.

I couldn’t afford the kinds of things that most people who dined at Luc Monette’s wore, but I dressed up as well as I was able to. Even so, when I arrived early, the woman behind the counter looked down her nose at me until I said I was here to meet Jace Barlow.

After that, I was royalty as far as she was concerned. She even brought me a complimentary glass of wine while I waited.

It wasn’t easy to keep a level head. This was as exclusive a restaurant as existed anywhere in the city, the whole country even. Everywhere I looked, I saw faces I recognized from the news, from the magazines, even from the paper I worked for.

The instant he walked in the room, he caught my eye. He had so much presence it was like the universe revolved around him, the complete opposite to me.

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