Still a Bad Boy(10)

By: Ada Scott

Turning to face him with a confused expression, I saw him close the door and then advance on me with such hunger on his face that my question faltered before it could escape me.

Is he going to ki-

Jace Barlow cradled my head with both hands, his fingers burying themselves in my hair as he tilted my head up and pressed his lips against mine. I opened my mouth to gasp in surprise but, as he was already mid-kiss, it only allowed him to kiss me more deeply.

Even though he was leaning down, I was still up on the balls of my feet to meet his kiss. That thrill of excitement I’d been feeling ever since I felt his eyes on me grew to a powerful flutter that made me breathe in short shallow bursts as a million butterflies rioted inside my belly.

Jace kept up his momentum and I was forced awkwardly backwards, our lips never losing contact with each other. My hands were on his stomach, feeling those washboard abs through his shirt as he steered me wherever he wanted to go, while giving me a kiss more urgent and primal than I had ever dreamed a kiss could be.

One of his hands pushed harder than the other, and we went around a corner in a gap between two shelves until I felt my back hit the wall. Jace didn’t stop kissing me, if anything he kissed me harder now that I had nowhere to escape, forcing my mouth wide open and curling one hand around the back of my head, as he let the other hand trail down my arm, coming to rest at my hip.

His knee pushed between my legs and his whole body was pressed up against me, pinning me against the wall, before he let our lips part. One time, I ran a half-marathon, I thought I was more breathless now, in this moment.

My chest heaved against him and I stared up into his eyes, almost mesmerized by their intensity, their glowing desire. Every breath I took, his scent filled my world. Expensive cologne, money, and a faint undertone of masculine musk blended with the smell of some cinnamon on the shelf next to us. It was a heady mixture.

I felt a pang of fear when his hand on my hip curled around to cup my rear end though my skirt. Flirt with him, my boss said, but this was quickly going beyond that, if it hadn’t already.

“You are sexy as fuck, Kendall,” he said, giving my ass a hard squeeze.

His intensity was almost enough to wash away a lifetime of self-consciousness, a lifetime of sexual invisibility, but how was I supposed to respond to that?

All my life, I’d dreamed of being wooed with flowers, maybe a nice poem and a compliment about my eyes. This was nothing like that, this was raw lust, it was hot like standing in front of a furnace and I was completely out of my element.

“Uh… thanks?”

My uncertainty was blatant in my voice, and I hated the inexperience that put it there. My sisters would know what to do in this situation, and my friends would too.

Jace bent down to kiss me again, and I had no choice but to let him take the lead. My jaw worked in time with his, my head tilted and moved in rhythm with him. I felt the tip of his tongue touch mine and moaned softly in the midst of the kiss, surprised at the gentle touch in the middle of that wanton passion.

It was like a drug, feeling all that attention focused on me from a man like Jace. I was supposed to be here getting the kind of interview that would make or break my career, but the mysterious multi-millionaire seemed to have a one-track mind, and he was intent on taking me along for the ride. Where was that professionalism I’d been so worried about earlier?

His hand left my ass, sliding around to my side again and heading up towards the small swell of my breast. This was going so fast, an edge of panic made my heart beat even faster, and I put my hand on his wrist, holding his arm down before he could make it all the way.

He didn’t even pause, he grabbed my wrist and pushed it down, down, down, and I realized only a fraction of a second before it happened what he was doing. Before I could react, he held my hand against a huge bulge at the front of his pants.

I broke the kiss and looked down with a quiet yelp of surprise. I couldn’t see anything, our bodies were still pressed too close, but I was jolted by another spark of that electric excitement between my legs, stronger than any of the others.

I’d never seen what was under my hand in real life, let alone felt one. I supposed I still hadn’t seen one, but the very shape of it, the hardness, spoke to my body without words, and my body spoke back.

This is IT! This is what you’ve been missing your whole life!

I could feel my hand shaking, trapped between Jace’s palm and his manhood as he held me there, moving my arm up and down almost imperceptibly to stroke his hard shaft through his pants, using me for his own needs. An ancient, animalistic, part of my brain was screaming with desire, shouting down my inhibitions and better judgements.

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