The F King:A Bad Boy Romance(9)

By: Ada Scott

Ryan whistled and a cab pulled over straight away like it was on a leash. He bundled me inside, and was barking instructions at the driver as he climbed in and closed the door.

I sat at the farthest edge of the seat as I tried to compose myself. Slightly turned towards Ryan, I could see he was staring straight ahead, breathing deeply and deliberately. Finally, he looked in my direction.

There was no way I could have predicted what I’d see written on his face when he did that, but one of the last things I expected was to see that hunger back in his expression. Yet, there it was, and he was moving across the seat with intent.

Walking on the knife edge of this undercover assignment was even more difficult than it sounded. I’d only met Ryan an hour ago, and I’d already fallen off both sides. Surely the only outcome of that would be me getting cut.

Against everything my briefing and life experience had told me about what was expected of me, Ryan wasn’t intimidated by the way I’d involved myself in the fight. If anything, he was experiencing the same rush of adrenaline I was, his body seeking an outlet for all that energy and excitement, and I was right in the firing line.

I should have remembered how to play it cool, to find my inner tease to string him along, but against all my better judgement, against everything that was right for my career and the investigation, I wanted to be wanted in that moment. There was something so basic and animalistic about the need, I was almost powerless to fight it.

To fight, win and be adored was a desire deeply ingrained into everybody. After so many fights, losses, wins and disdain… I was more desperate to be admired than was good for me.

Ryan pushed one of my knees aside and invaded my personal space in his most self-assured move yet. I pushed against his chest weakly, some overwhelmed part of my brain still putting up some kind of resistance, but when he buried his hand in the hair at the back of my head, held me firm, and leaned in, all I could do was lick my lips.


This sexy little thing looked even more at home in a fight than she did on the dancefloor. Her balance and reactions were like somebody on F-Pro, but those piercing eyes of hers stayed so clear, she was a fucking work of art.

Was she a cop? Probably… but my cock was harder for her than any of those club sluts who were always hanging around. I saw Sarina panting with the rush of the fight, and I was literally aching for her. The only thing that could soothe me was feeling that hot pussy wrapped so fucking tightly around my shaft that I’d have to fuck her with everything I had just to fuck her at all.

When I pushed her leg to the side and moved closer, grabbing her by the hair at the back of her head, all she could do was lick her lips and wait for me. I moved closer and paused with my mouth a fraction of an inch away from hers, teasing her with how near I was.

I could feel her breath puffing out quick and shallow against me, so nervous about screwing up her case, but so excited by the fight and by how close I was all at the same time. She twitched as she fought with herself and I basked in her inner turmoil.

Three seconds. That’s how long she managed to restrain herself, poised on the brink of our kiss, before she closed the last tiny distance between us. I knew she’d either stepped over some police bylaw or her own personal barriers, and she was giving me something she really hadn’t expected to at the start of the night.

Well, I was going to take a whole lot more. As much as I could. Make her write the most embarrassing report an undercover cop ever had to write.

She inhaled sharply through her nose, then whimpered in the midst of our kiss. I could feel the faint vibrations through her lips as I took her breath away.

I gripped her hair tighter and tighter, never relenting with the kiss, until the sting made her whimper again and squirm in her seat. Fuck I needed to feel that body writhing against me as I powered my cock into her depths. I bet she was even better at fucking than she had been at fighting, her body was the embodiment of sex.

“Hey! No fucking in my cab!” The driver said.

I broke off our kiss to turn to him. “Shut the fuck up and do your job, if you know what’s good for you. Eyes on the road, motherfucker.”

He looked pissed but he did what he was told. Besides, he didn’t have to worry about me fucking her here. Did he really think I was going to fuck a girl like Sarina in front of him? Share a girl this hot? He was fucking dreaming.

I returned my attentions to Sarina and pulled her head to the side, exposing her neck. I could see a vein pulsing frantically as she caught her breath post-kiss, and I touched my lips against her skin almost like a vampire with his most willing victim.

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