The F King:A Bad Boy Romance(4)

By: Ada Scott

I let my breath out through pursed lips slowly, and realized I’d sold this girl short when she walked past my booth. She might have been the sexiest woman I’d ever laid my eyes on.

I had to lay my hands on her too. I needed to feel that perfection, press myself against her, and later she’d be wrapped around me moaning like a whore. Oh yes, I’d make this princess forget everything she ever learned about courtship and romance. The only thing on her mind would be my rock-hard cock by the time I was done.

Speaking of which, the way this girl was moving was starting to get me down that path already. I reached out and put my fingers on her hip as we danced. When she didn’t push me away, I rested my entire hand there, and pulled her closer.

The scent of her shampoo and perfume wafted up at me, and I sucked it all in as we moved to the music. I bet her skin tasted sweet, just like that smell of vanilla. I couldn’t wait to run my tongue across every square inch of it, to watch her body react to everything I did.

From this vantage-point, I had the best seat in the house for looking down her top at those unbelievable tits, especially when she raised her arms up over her head and stroked my shoulders. The inevitable happened; her ass bumped against my semi-erect cock, trapped down one leg of my pants.

Instead of pressing harder against it, like every girl in living memory, she jerked away as if she’d been zapped by static electricity. So she was playing hard to get, huh?

With a smirk, I pulled her back and enjoyed feeling her struggle with herself more than with me. She liked the way that big cock felt, she liked knowing that she was sexy enough to get me excited, but her friends were right there, and she didn’t want to look like a slut. How adorable.

I let myself enjoy a few more grinds against her, as one song faded out and another began to fade in, before I decided to put her out of her misery. For now. I turned her back towards me.

“Hey, I’m Ryan,” I said.


“You wanna take a break and sit with me for a while? You look like you’ve worked up a thirst with all those moves.”

A thirst for my hard dick, you sexy little bitch.

“Um… yeah, sure. OK,” she said, with such obvious nerves that her cuteness factor went through the roof.

If she kept on teasing me like this I’d have to fuck her before we even left the club. I knew the place well enough that there were, from experience, a few dark spots you could get away with it if the girl was hot enough to risk it.


Well, getting his attention was a little easier than I thought it was going to be. He was hot on my trail from my second pass of his table.

The problem was, maybe he was a little too hot on my trail. I needed to catch his eye to make him think that he was the one who initiated contact, but I was always supposed to steer the relationship down a professional path. Money and drugs, that’s what I had to pretend to want.

My CO said to gain his trust by any means necessary, but what Ryan wanted was written as clear as day, playing out like a movie behind his eyes. That was crossing some lines, for sure.

So why did I stay on the dancefloor for so long? Why did I let it feel so good to have his eyes on me like that?

I could feel a little tingle on my body everywhere his eyes roamed, as if from gentle fingertips exploring my skin. More than once I found myself leaning back to let those imaginary fingertips explore down the front of my top, before my ass brushed up against that concealed weapon in his pants and snapped me out of it.

What was wrong with me? Guys had looked at me before without me turning into a music-video girl for them, right?

Yeah, but not like that…

Shut the fuck up, self.

“Hello?” Ryan interrupted my internal debate before it came to blows.


“I said, is Champagne OK with you?”

“Oh. Sure, why not? Are we celebrating something?” I asked.

“I’ll come up with something by the time we get to the toast.” He turned to the girl standing there with a little notepad. “That’s a yes, thanks, Cindy.”

The girl underlined something, smiled, and left, giving Ryan one last lingering look over her shoulder.

“Sarina, right?” Ryan asked.


“Great, wanted to make sure I wasn’t accidentally calling you somebody else’s name all night.”

“Much appreciated. And Ryan, right?”

“Mmm. It sounds so good when you say it. Yep, that’s me.”

I rolled my eyes playfully. “You go to college at Highston?”

“Nah. I did, but I’m out now. You? Freshman?”

“Yeah, don’t tell the bouncer though. I’m twenty-two, but the girls I’m with are all eighteen and nineteen.”

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