The F King:A Bad Boy Romance(10)

By: Ada Scott

She gasped when I sucked hard, leaving my mark on her as surely as she was getting wet right now. Her skin tasted like vanilla and the faintest hint of cinnamon spice, so fucking good.

I licked and sucked my way up to just under her ear, which was like a wiggle-switch for her. Something about being kissed there was driving her fucking crazy, and if I was reading her body language right, she’d make a mess on this poor cabbie’s seats if I kept at it long enough.

Her hips gyrated sensually, unconsciously seeking out something to grind her hot little pussy against, and I listened to her panting get louder and faster with every movement of my lips against her skin. I pulled away before she came and pressed my lips against hers, feeling the desperate puffs of air from her nose as she tried to get the oxygen she needed to fuel the excitement my touch had ignited in her.

I used her struggle to my advantage, slipping my hand up her thigh while she was distracted, under her skirt, and kissing hard. Her hand fell on to my wrist as if she was going to push me away, and I stopped, calling her bluff.

When I didn’t push for a few seconds, I felt an almost imperceptible tug and I couldn’t help but smile in triumph, leaning my forehead against hers. Sarina knew it too, and quickly turned away, as if she couldn’t handle watching herself give in to these feelings.

I resumed my intoxicating journey up her silky smooth leg and felt the faint crease where her thigh met her firm little peach of a rear end, and I paused for a moment to savor this newly conquered ground. Sarina moved her hand behind my neck as I slipped my fingertips under the elastic of her panties and gripped her ass cheek.

The feel of her flesh pressed against the palm of my hand drove me almost as wild as kissing Sarina’s neck drove her. I wanted to squeeze her ass so tight that my hand prints would be bruised into her skin for weeks and she’d know every time she looked in the mirror exactly where I was holding when I impaled her on my cock.

The driver pulled over in front of my building, and I caught the stinkeye from him in the rearview mirror when I looked up. The meter read a little under twenty bucks, but the first note I pulled out of my pocket was a fifty, so I threw that in his direction.

“Keep the change, don’t be a stranger,” I said as I bundled Sarina out of the taxi.

The cabbie didn’t spare me any words, pulling away at the same time as I was closing the door. Sarina was hugging herself on the sidewalk.

“I-” she began.

I cut her off with a kiss, before bending down and lifting her up. She wrapped her legs around me, and I carried her to the door. My cock was straining against my pants, seeking out the heat I could sense radiating from her pussy like a homing beacon. So close. Tight, wet, heaven was so close.

Performing a modern-day miracle, I managed to extract my wallet from my pocket without dropping my phone, keys, wad of cash or Sarina, and pressed it against the little device that read the security card. The door buzzed and I pried it open and headed towards the elevator.

Sarina had her arms wrapped around my neck now, fingers running through my hair as she kissed me back almost as hard as I kissed her. Our tongues sparred for supremacy, with hers starting from the higher ground.

Her breasts were tantalizingly close to my head-height. If our lip-lock ended in time, I would taste her curves like I’d tasted her neck, see her supple skin tingle with goosebumps as my licks cooled in the air.

My moment came when I had to glance away to look for the elevator call button. Once it was lit up, I turned my attention back to Sarina and kissed the upper slopes of her breasts.

Sarina threw her head back, held her breath for a second, and sighed in pleasure. I could feel her long hair brushing against my hands, as her chest pushed against me.

Even with all the determination, tongue-dexterity and incentive in the world, I couldn’t get as far as her nipples, which remained hidden in her bra. I would change that before the end of the night.

The elevator doors opened and I walked us in, pressing the button for the twenty-seventh floor. I turned to the side and paused for a second, then pushed us against the side of the elevator, hard enough that a little whoosh of air came from Sarina’s mouth and her firm tits wobbled right in front of me.

Slowly, I released her and let her slide downwards, pinned between me and the wall. My hard cock pushed the front of her skirt up as she slid, and I kissed her at the same moment it nuzzled along her sopping wet pussy lips through our clothing.

Sarina gasped, as the bulge she was 100% responsible for pushed her panties a little way inside her sex until, I knew, they would look like they were painted on. She had no choice but to endure my near-invasion into her most private area, she could no more fight it than she could fight gravity itself, even if she wanted to.

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