The Champ:Bad Boys Book 5(6)

By: Jordan Silver

"Why do I always get the grunt work?"

"That's because you're my wingman bro, now stop bitching and go round them up."

"Round them up? They're not cattle." Shut up Traci you won’t survive this one.

"Ooh she's a feisty one there Wyatt, you better watch out, I don't think this one's gonna let you get away with your shit." His friend grinned like an idiot as if it was the most natural thing in the world for his pal to have a strange woman seated on his lap. For all I know that could be true.

"Not to worry Jace, I know just how to tame this little lady."

"You...tell me, this fighting thing you do, you get a lotta knocks to the head?" He threw his head back and laughed. I guess I forgot to be scared there for a second or I maybe wouldn't have sassed him, but even his laugh sent a thrill through me. He stole another quick kiss before picking up his drink for another sip.

"Maybe. You gonna take care of me?"

"I don't even know you." I tried scooting off his lap but he just hauled me back into his chest and kept his hand on my hip.

"I wouldn't worry too much about that Red, before this night is over you're gonna know me a hell of a lot better."

The look in his eyes said a hell of a lot more than his lips were saying and I got his meaning loud and clear. I was lost for words. Well I could see he’d already made up his mind about where this was going, like it was a done deal. As gorgeous as he was, he had the wrong idea and I told him just as much.

“Look, I think you got the wrong idea here, I’m not the kind of girl you think I am. That little dance thing was a dare, I don’t usually…”

“Good to hear it, I don’t like my woman shaking my ass for all the world to see.”

“Your-is this a joke? It is isn’t it? Did my friends put you up to this?” It was just the kind of thing they would do, but where did they find him, and how did they set it up?

He’s the kind of guy I would’ve dreamed of before I learned that love and romance was all fairytale bullshit. I can honestly say that no one had ever made my pulse race quite so fast, or made me want to throw caution to the wind and just go for it. But years of doing the right thing held me back. That slight hope that maybe, just maybe my prince charming was still out there kept me in check. He sure did look like my ideal though.

His eyes were just the beginning of his amazing looks, and they sure packed a punch. Then there was his close-cropped dark hair and those chiseled cheekbones with the dimples that made me want to dip my fingers and my tongue…

That damn Christine, I knew I should've stayed home; how am I supposed to get out of this? No matter what he said he obviously thinks I'm something I'm not because I was out on that dance floor tramping it up. Crap.



Wow, she's even hotter up close and personal. She had a wild mass of red hair that tumbled down around her shoulders to the middle of her back, green eyes that defied reason and a pair of plump tits that made my mouth water. I knew that ass was going to come with a complete package. On top of all that, she smelt fucking amazing and that mouth…

We were sizing each other up and I was willing to bet she was wondering the same thing I was. Just what the fuck was going on here? There’s no way I could be in this alone. No way I could be this attracted to someone this quickly without it being reciprocated.

She felt like she belonged right where she was, and when she gave me another one of those shy looks from beneath her lashes, once again I felt that stirring of something more than lust. What that something was I wasn’t sure, but I’d be a fool not to explore it, and that’s one thing I’ve never been.

I ran my finger down her cheek as I tapped in to my own emotions. Holding her eyes with mine, I tried to put some sort of meaning to the feelings that were there just beneath the surface. Out of my fucking depth, that’s what I felt.

I knew my body was on board but I couldn’t ignore that there something else at play here as well. And then there was her, the unknown, what was she feeling? What was she hoping for from the night ahead if anything?

She doesn’t strike me as the one night fuck type; no she has danger signals coming off her in waves. So far she had passed the test, she hadn’t pissed me off once with her mouth. I know she's scared, well maybe not scared exactly, but she's a little wary of me. I can feel it, sense it, but that hasn’t kept her from giving me that lip of hers.

It was kind of hard to get a peg on her though. I could see that she was struggling to hold back, keep herself away from me. Not my usual thing. Women are usually falling all over me, but this one doesn't seem to care that I'm the reigning UFC champ. I'm willing to bet she doesn't even know what that is.

Why that should make me smile and add warmth to my heart, I don't know, but it was a nice change. I guess I was finally growing tired of the way women have always treated me, even before I ever stepped foot in the ring.

I've never had a problem catching the ladies; they’d always made it way too easy for me. But since my fighting career took off it's gotten to where I can't even go to the supermarket without being mobbed. And let me tell you, chicks on the hunt are more vicious than any opponent I've ever faced on the mat.

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