Bad Boy's Revenge:A Small-Town Romantic Suspense(10)

By: Sosie Frost

Somebody wanted me gone, and I knew exactly who framed me.

I’d get my revenge. I’d protect the one thing that mattered most to me.

And then I’d give her the life she deserved.

Josie was petite, pint-size—half a scoop of chocolate ice cream. Her dark skin tasted just as sweet. Luxurious. The first time I saw her, I made the mistake of labeling her as brown sugar. She wasn’t insulted, just thought I was causing trouble and trying to steal some of her desserts from her shop. She even accused me of plotting to take her chocolate-covered cherry.

It had been my plan—and a dirty one at that. But then I had a sample of that softness. A single kiss and I was hers. I knew then I wanted all of her. Body. Heart. Future.

Josie Davis would right every mistake I’d ever made, forgive every sin I’d committed, and heal me from every punishment of my past.

If she took me back.

If not, I’d fuck the doubt from her mind until she realized she was mine, and we were meant to survive this life together.

Her legs wrapped around me as I taught her, and she knew better than to move her arms from her sides or above her head. I rutted into her, hard and unforgiving, savoring her tightness.

No other man had taken her but me. No one had touched her but me. Her innocence and body were mine and mine alone, and I lost myself in that simple desire.

Her breasts bounced with every thrust—a handful of perfection that tempted me more than any sugar she baked or icing she licked off her finger. I clasped her dark nipple between my teeth. She liked that, especially when I bit on that sensitive, taut—

“Maddox!” Her voice shrilled. A ripple of pleasure bound through her, trapping her within her own orgasm and my relentless thrusts. “Oh, I can’t…I just keep…”

“Don’t stop coming for me…” I gripped her hips and tortured myself with her tightness. “You owe me a year’s worth of orgasms.”

She liked the sound of that. Or her body did. Josie was too sweet, still too damn innocent to admit to wanting to be fucked hard, fast, and without mercy. Not that I’d ever show her any, and not that she ever needed it. That slick little pussy accepted everything I did, and together we crested into every promised pleasure the world had denied us.

Josie’s soft voice whispered my name.

Her timid lips kissed me when she feared to speak the truth.

She submitted to my cock, so obedient and loving I didn’t know which one of us was in control.

I’d fuck her. Flip her onto the bed, pound her against the wall, and yet it was me, every damn time, losing my mind to her and her alone.

No other woman compared. No other person in the world understood me like Josie. She saved me from a life of darkness, crime, and violence. I owed everything to her.

She arched under me, offering more of her to slam and seize. After a full-night of fucking, my body ached and my balls swelled and yet I wanted only to bury myself deeper in her.

I grunted, steadying myself hilt-deep until we were flesh against flesh. She tensed. Her words crashed with a soft agony, and her body betrayed her into another crackling and uncompromising orgasm that racked her in utter surrender to me.

Nothing looked so beautiful.

I would take her. Ruin her. Possess her.

Start a life with her.

Create a life within her.

This was my chance to take back what was mine, and it began and ended with her. Too much time wasted while I served my sentence. I wouldn’t lose another moment before beginning that journey with Josie.

She fell limp against the bed, panting my name. I erupted inside her. I growled too harsh and frightening for a woman who deserved none of my aggression but endured every punishing strike. I let the desire overwhelm me, and I filled her with my every hope, secret fantasy, everything I wanted in life.

Our life.


I collapsed over her, rolling to her side to avoid crushing the woman who offered her body for my delights. In prison, I remembered her scent. Her eyes. Her heat. But I’d forgotten how much she loved me. I wasn’t insecure, just realistic. Josie Davis had no reason to want me.

But she did. She hadn’t said it, but she couldn’t hide it. Not from me.

I’d fucked her for hours, but the softness of her cheek against my chest was the real pleasure. Her breathing lengthened, and her eyes fluttered closed. Either I fucked her too good, or she felt safe enough to pass out beside me. I hoped it was both. Problem was, I shouldn’t have stayed. Shouldn’t have even come to her.

I had nothing to offer her. Hell, I was nothing. The only thing I promised her was a night of animalistic fucking, and I did my only deed well. But I wasn’t looking to win her back. I only wanted to prove she hadn’t made a shitty mistake falling for me in the first place.

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