Razor:A Bad Boy Stepbrother Romance(3)

By: Lauren Landish

The whole thing stunk like horse shit and screamed coverup.

Considered one of the most talented groups among hackers, Anonymous selected me to be the one to obtain the evidence the authorities were hiding.

Having nothing better to do and an intense hatred for corrupt politicians, I gladly accepted the task.

“Mayor Bradley is such a good man,” Bianca purred after he disappeared in the crowd. “He’s done so much for this city.”

“A model citizen,” I agreed sarcastically.

* * *

After a night of wild sex with Bianca, I logged into the police station’s evidence database, looking for a needle in a haystack. I had only minutes to find and download video footage from a nearby security cam from the night of the murder — all while having a demanding vixen in my ear.

“It’s so weird. You’re built like Apollo, yet you know all of this computer crap like some nerd,” Bianca purred, leaning into me and running her hands down my chest and my six pack to finally fondle the waistband of my boxers. “With your dashing good looks, you could be a model or even a movie star.”

“Can you not do that,” I muttered irritably, barely paying her an ounce of attention. “I’m doing something important here.”

Why I hadn’t kicked her out after fucking her, I had no idea. She was useful when she was feeding me the information I needed and sucking my cock, but now she was just an unnecessary distraction.

Needing frequent sex was one of my weaknesses, though it was better these days than before. It was always the same with girls like Bianca — I’d fuck their brains out, but then afterward I’d feel completely empty. I suppose I was trying to fill a hole inside of me that could never be filled. There was one girl that I felt could make me whole, but ironically, she was the one girl that I could never have.

“It’s not as important as me,” Bianca pouted, her hands going down further to cup my balls. “Mmm,” she murmured, “nice and full . . . full just for me.”

My dick stiffened in response to her efforts, though I wasn’t turned on in the least. It was just a biological response.

Fuck me.

“Stop!” I commanded. My time was running out and I didn’t have time for this shit.

“No,” Bianca replied defiantly, tightening her grip on my ballsack. She must’ve not known how serious I was, but I couldn’t be bothered to get into a tussle with her. I had mere minutes to locate the footage.

I furiously pounded away at the keyboard, when suddenly I felt my chair going back slightly as Bianca crawled beneath the desk and took my stiff cock out of my boxers.

“What the fuck are you doing?” I asked as panic laced my words. I was so close to finding what I needed.

“So big, veiny and juicy,” she moaned, salivating over my cock.

“Bianca stop —”

My words caught in my throat as her warm wet mouth wrapped around my dick.


I groaned as slurping sounds filled my ears and my concentration slipped.

I knew I should’ve kicked her ass out when I was done with her, I lamented.

Bianca stopped for a moment to tease the sensitive part of my cockhead with her tongue.


By this time, my hands were slipping away from the keyboard — and so was my chance of getting the footage.

Come on, pull it together, I urged myself. I’m fucking Razor. I can do this.

Filling my mind with what was at stake if I didn’t, I was able to hone my focus.

Bianca renewed her efforts as she gripped the base of my cock, squeezing it, while bobbing her head up and down on it with abandon. My eyes nearly rolling in the back of my head, I fought like hell not to lose my concentration. My fingers went to town on the keyboard while Bianca attacked my cock just as fast.

It felt like I was trying to lift a mountain with my mind, trying to focus through the waves of pleasure rolling through my body as I barely hung on.


I found it.

The file was exactly where Anonymous surmised it would be — hidden deep where it would never see the light of day. I started the download to my flash drive.

The progress bar slowly started picking up speed as I typed code to set up a wall to block any prying eyes.


One fourth of the way.

Bianca was acting like she was the cock gobbler, trying her hardest to make me come, gargling and gagging on my cock.



I swear she was trying out for the dick-sucking Olympics, stroking my eight inches with both hands and trying her best to take it all the way down her throat, but failing.


Almost there. The loading bar was almost completely full.

Bianca’s efforts were paying off. A fire was building in my loins and I feared I would blow my load.

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