Bad Boy's Bridesmaid(91)

By: Sosie Frost

Nate arched, holding my hips as he guided me over him. I slid down, taking him completely, filling myself with more than just his body.

I had his heart.

I had his soul.

And it was more than I ever expected.

“I’m so grateful we did.” Nate groaned as I moved against him. “I had no idea what I was doing with my life until I found you.”

“I’d waited my whole life for you…”

“No more waiting.” Nate gripped me tighter, and I fell upon his chest, crippled with passion and overwhelmed by his size. “Our life might have started a year ago, but this is just the beginning. I promise I’ll make you happy.”

“You already do.”

“I promise I’ll give you pleasure.”

“Oh, that’s not a concern.”

“And I promise I’ll be the greatest husband for you and father for our baby.”

“I know you are.” I kissed him, groaning as his hips moved faster. “I love you so much.”

“I love you too.”

My words dissolved as every stroke drew a shared breath and ripple of pleasure. It built deep within me, and I surrendered to the night, the ocean, his touch.

Nate tensed, and I stared into his eyes as he arched to meet me.

We came together, just as we always did, as powerfully and beautifully as we always had. His heat caressed me from the inside, and I clenched, unraveling over him as he guided me through the shredded pleasure that captured me within his arms.

Nothing compared to these moments.

We had snuck around for so long in the past, and the secrets and fears that kept me from loving him faded the instant we confessed our feelings. I had wasted three months of our life before Lindsey’s wedding, but we had the rest of our days to make up for what we lost.

I rested against his chest, and he wove his fingers through my hair.

“I think I’m going to like being married to you,” I whispered.

Nate smiled. “We’re going to have a long, happy life together. I promise.”

He didn’t have to promise anything.

Nothing in the world would have torn us apart.

Love wasn’t about courage or kindness or honesty or work.

It was this.

Us. Together.

It was happiness.

And it was ours.

The End

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